The Welcome Medical Clinic

  • We are a free medical clinic for the medically uninsured
  • To book an appointment, call 905-306-8371. No Walkins whatsoever. Please leave voicemails in English or have someone do that for you.
  • Clinic hours: Please call our clinic phone number to find out when the next available clinic is and to book an appointment.  Generally our physicians do shifts on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
  • Questions? Contact us at:
  • We are officially now a not-for-profit organization. Ontario Corporation Number 1902238
  • Please donate to help support this clinic:
  • PayPal Donate Button
  • NEW Clinic Location:

Family and Walk-In Medical Clinic
780 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Unit 4
Mississauga, Ontario
L5C 3X3
Tel: 905-306-8371
Fax: 905-306-8372

  • ONLY patients that do not have OHIP coverage.  
  • Please keep in mind we are a not-for-profit clinic operating solely on donated funds, donated time/energy, donated supplies and goodwill to our fellow neighbours on this planet.  We wish to aid those most in need with these limited resources. Please keep that in mind when requesting an appointment.


  • Patients with OHIP coverage/cards
  • Medical emergencies.  If this is an Emergency call 911 or go to an Emergency Room.

Please bring your refugee papers with you to your appointment. If you have questions about your eligibility, please ask us when you call to make your appointment. If you have OHIP coverage, please go to another medical clinic or hospital.


We are a volunteer organization of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, public health workers, lawyers, accountants, students and various community volunteers. This is an endeavor spearheaded by the Muslim Medical Association of Canada (MMAC) for the benefit of all human beings, regardless of religion/faith or race. You can find out more about the MMAC here:


To address the lack of adequate medical care for the medically uninsured in Canada, particularly the refugee population.  We seek to:

        • Serve all comers without adequate medical coverage regardless of religion, race or ability etc
        • Specifically address the special needs of the medically uninsured, refugees and immigrants to Canada
        • Specifically address issues often left unattended in the community:
          • Mental Health
          • Women’s Health
          • Others


  • If you do not speak English well, please bring a family member or friend that can translate for you.
  • Bring a list of all your pills and any medical records
  • We do not have funds to cover hospital care, blood work or medications though in certain cases this may be a possibility
  • You are responsible for paying for and obtaining your own bloodwork
  • We rely on donations to fund our operation which include SOME donated medications
  • We have limited resources and cannot provide or cover all types of care
  • Visits to the Welcome Medical Clinic are confidential and do not impact on immigration and status claims
  • You may experience waits to be seen in clinic.
  • The care we provide you is free. If you or your family are able to, any donation is appreciated.

PayPal Donate Button

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